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Learn more about how toilets affect our lives. Join those fighting for better public loos at PHLUSH, the British Toilet Association or the American Restroom Association.  Check out Bog Standard or Project CLEAN to get the scoop on the sorry state of most school toilets. Read Dave Praeger’s Poop Culture to understand the origins of “shameful sh*tting,” and go behind the stall with the recent sociology collection Toilet: Public Restrooms and the Politics of Sharing.

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  • Want to see better public toilet options in your city? Or maybe you want to see public toilets in your all! Consult PHLUSH's comprehensive Public Toilet Advocacy Toolkit, and demand safe sanitation where you live.
  • Spread the good turd. Join the Sanitation Wikipedia project and help make all the Wikipedia pages that touch on poo-related topics better! Want a little extra encouragement? Participate in the bi-annual Sanitation Wikipedia drive. VROOM!




Learn more about sustainable toilets. Take a look at Joseph Jefferson’s classic work on the Humanure Handbook, see what’s happening over at Natural Event, and view some great educational posters from Cloacina. You might also want to read about Friedensreich Hundertwasser‘s philosophies, or read Gene Logsdon’s Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Mankind.

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Global Community

Learn more about the global sanitation crisis. You might start by checking out the World Toilet Organization, UNICEF, or the Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council. For some quick statistics, take a look at WaterAid and these UN graphs and maps. Check out Rose George’s The Big Necessity, watch Vanguard’s full-length documentary World Toilet Crisis or the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s short animation.

Take Action!

  • Get involved, connect with over 300 sanitation-related organizations, and join the conversation. Post questions or comments on the SuSanA discussion forum and browse their website full with resources on sustainable sanitation: