Assume the throne

Photo Installation created by artist Nicole Licht for WaterAid.

“Shafner wants a global movement and, given his natural charm and bottomless capacity for scatological puns, he might just get one.”
— Time Out New York

Tooting around in his custom POOP Mobile, with The World's #2 Traveling Poop Museum in tow, The Puru is bringing his message of radical self-acceptance home - literally. An intimate blend of storytelling, ritual and razzle dazzle, ASSUME THE THRONE will be performed in real life living rooms all across America from Oct. - Jan. In it, Shafner clears the air around how the toilet became taboo, distills lessons learned from eight years of preaching poop-positivity worldwide, and passes on the ancient alchemy of turning shit to gold. An interactive experience unlike anything you ever thought necessary, ASSUME THE THRONE is the inspiring poo review that invites YOU to be part of a grassroots movement squeezing out love from the bottom-up.

ASSUME THE THRONE was created by Shawn Shafner, and directed by Alex Beck.

Join this Tour De Farts!

Got a living room, cabaret space, classroom or other venue for 10+ people? Got a couch for Shawn to sleep on? Wanna get invited to a show in your area? Let us know!

*Also available for screenings of FLUSH - The Documentary, performances of How the Potty Trained Us, master classes, consultations, and more!

Itinerary (subject to change)

OCTOBER heads from NYC to the midwest and back again

2 - Cleveland

4 & 5 - University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI

6 - Detroit, MI

8 - Hanover College in Hanover, IN

10-14 - Environmental Leaders Program National Fellowship Retreat in Omena, MI

15 - Flint, MI

16 - Buffalo, NY

17 - Albany, NY

18-21 - Music Residency at Dragon’s Egg

22 - Hudson, NY

26-28 - New York City, NY

NOVEMBER heads up to Montreal and down the NorthEast, then South from NYC. Stops include Providence, Boston, Portland (Maine), New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC.

15 - Tufts University in Medford, MA

17 - World Toilet Day in New York City

DECEMBER loops the SouthEast with cities like Durham, Asheville, Nashville, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, Charleston and into Miami.

JANUARY journeys across the south, to Jackson, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas and ending in northern CA.