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The POOP Project boldly blazes past toilet taboos and dares students to love themselves, their earth, and one another from the bottom up. POOP piques learners’ interest and makes them giggle before giving way to critical lessons about global citizenship and social justice, health and genderhistoryenvironmental sustainability, and more. Make a stink at your school today!

School Assemblies & Classroom Performances

The Puru Unleashes his potty mouth at  Poudre High school  in Fort Collins, CO

The Puru Unleashes his potty mouth at Poudre High school in Fort Collins, CO

How the Potty Trained Us, Jr!

Stand-up comedy, interactive TED Talk, and character-shifting solo theater, this performance is a royal flush! Learners unearth the origins of our doody dis-ease, and expose how current sanitary practices (like holding it in at school) threaten our health, environment, and 40% of the world still living without safe toilets. All presentations feature a powerpoint detailing the role of sanitation in urban development, with historical examples from around the globe. Adaptable for pK-12.

The Brown Underside of NYC 

In alignment with 4th grade history requirements, New York students zoom into local history from the Lenape to the early Dutch, through the George Waring days of communal baths, and ending in contemporary times.


Wanda the Worm on BRIC TV        (segment produced by Steve de Sève)

Innie / Outie

A wriggling, sing-song, silly family tale that goes in one end and out the other! At the beginning of time—it either happened or it did not happen—a great light grew bigger until finally it BURST! Then a little light fell into you, and me, and everything we see. But did that light make it all the way to Wanda, a yucky worm that eats, squirm and poops all day? The truth wriggles free in this interactive fable inspired by lessons from world religions and earth ecology that teaches the value of every living being, no matter how small or slimy. PK-2nd Grade audiences.

Click here for more information and video of Innie / Outie.

One-Off Workshops

Students at the 14th Street Y Afterschool making a digestive model

Students at the 14th Street Y Afterschool making a digestive model

Journey through digestion

Students use their imaginations and acting skillz to play every part of the digestive tract, then race in teams to build a digestive model using everyday items. Adaptations available pK-12.

Stage the Story of Stuff

A product map comes alive! Students begin with one consumer item (food or not) and articulate the processes, resources, and personnel involved through the product's lifecycle from cradle to grave. Recreating the map with our bodies in space, it becomes the inspiration for original writings and monologues about consumer culture. Middle and high school audiences. 

Urban Body Mapping

Our bodies are a system of pathways, just like the buildings, cities, and even internet infrastructures that we've built. In this session, students engage in an inquiry that connects their individual self to the global body, then head outdoors to map the sights, tastes and smells of their surroundings. Middle and high school learners. 

Multi-Week Programs

Students from JCC Manhattan Visiting a Rooftop Farm to see How real Food grows

Students from JCC Manhattan Visiting a Rooftop Farm to see How real Food grows

Fork to Flush

Young children learn about digestion and the importance of eating, exercise and elimination. Practicing critical STEM skills, they take careful note of what they're eating and excreting, always aiming for the perfect poo. Adaptations for pK-2nd grade. 

Eat It, Own It

What's the story of our snack? Students use inquiry to map the life of pre-packaged pretzels from raw resource recovery to marketing, distribution, consumption and reintegration. This map becomes our guide as teams compete each week to dramatize the next step. Students complete the year by pitching their own sustainable pretzel companies--complete with marketing strategy--and bake their own salty treats. Adaptations available K-12. (Curriculum piloted at The 14th Street Y.)

The Poop Project helps The 14th Street Y roll out their Community Compost Drop-Off Program

Creative Intervention Coaching

What are your school's sustainable goals? Whether reducing waste, increasing composting and gardening, or incorporating sustainability into traditional curriculum, The POOP Project can help. We love to find creative means that turn students, families and staff into energized advocates.