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FLUSH - the documentary

FLUSH is a documentary project that lifts the lid on the bodily function that dare not speak its name, revealing the hilariously funny, frustrating invisible, and always smelly underworld of shit in America. Visit the full FLUSH website to learn more about the film, the World Toilet Day 2017 release and to request a screening.

About Flush

The Need

There is a deep-seated legacy of silence, shame, and avoidance around poop in this country. While the conversation about personal health is dominated by the organic and local food movements, and the environmental debate focuses on clean water, clean energy, and clean air, there's a worrying lack of critical conversation on what comes out of our bodies and where it goes after we flush. It's time to break the silence.

We now have startling evidence that poop culture in America has serious consequences. 1 out of every 15 kids struggles with constipation. The toilet is the #1 water consumer in our homes. We fertilize our crops with oil-based chemicals, while our nutrient rich poop goes to waste.

FLUSH follows the emotional stories of individuals trying to make sense of their relationship to this complex and hidden act, and a group of activists trying to transform the way we deal with poop in American from something taboo into something that connects us all.  

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Why Now

Rethinking how we deal with our poop is an essential and urgent part of creating a more sustainable future for our bodies, families, communities, and planet. We have to start talking about our poop problem before we’re up shit creek without a paddle.