Shafner wants a global movement and, given his natural charm and bottomless capacity for scatological puns, he might just get one.
— Time Out New York


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Shawn Shafner was amazing! His show engaged the crowd, giving us a new perspective on the doo-ty we perform every day. Shawn’s expertise and enthusiasm will fill your heart with joy. And his finale will leave you in tears!
— Daniella Saetta, PhD Student, School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, Arizona State University


What if one conversation could help mitigate climate change, alleviate global poverty and spread world peace? What if it was the one thing no one wanted to talk about?


The People’s Own Organic Power (POOP) Project creates art, theater and educational experiences that normalize one of the last great taboos, in order to create a more healthful and loving relationship with our bodies, our planet, and all the other people we share this planet with.

Let’s “GO”!