A New Family Musical

Photo by  Bridget Badore

In the very beginning, it either happened or it didn't happen, that the light grew bigger and bigger and bigger until finally it BURST! Then a little light fell into you, and me, and everything we see. But did it make it underground? Wanda the Worm will uncover the truth in a squirmy, slimy, silly family tale that goes in one end and out the other!

Kids wriggle, squirm and sing along in the first family show from The POOP Project. A silly introduction to the nutrient cycle infused with lessons of kindness and self-love. Inspired by teachings from Zen Buddhism, the Biblical creation story, and the Jewish value of “b’tzelem elohim”—that we are all created in the Divine image.

Approx. 30 min long, stand-alone show. Also available as one-hour experience with crafts. 

Performance can be done a cappella in your home, classroom and playroom, or on a stage with lush piano score.

Incubated at The 14th Street Y.

Want Wanda in Your Community?

It's tough being a worm! Just eat and squirm and poop all day. Wanda the Worm tells the whole, sad tale in this excerpt from Innie / Outie.

Everybody poops! But sometimes we don't like to talk about it. Wanda the Worm doesn't mince words. Get the straight talk from the curvy earth critter.

BRIC TV profiles Shawn and Wanda the Worm