The POOP Project has been inspiring critical conversations about sustainable sanitation throughout NYC and internationally since 2010, including a documentary in progress, installations with Chashama and Judson Church, performances at Galapagos Art Space, 59E59, The Culture Project, and the musical An Inconvenient Poop, hailed by The Scotsman as, “…the most important show on the [2012 Edinburgh International Fringe Festival]…ahead of its time” and heard on the floor of the United Nations on World Toilet Day 2013.

Shawn has created educational programming for the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, the JCC Manhattan and the 14th Street Y, in addition to two seasons moderating expert panels for the Visitor Center at Newtown Creek, site of NYC’s largest wastewater treatment plant. In August 2013, he received a week-long public art residency as part of the World Policy Institute’s The 12×12 Project; the resulting art work, a communal rug made from upcycled t-shirts, has received ongoing support from Fourth Arts Block as “Latch / Attach” and will be displayed at Cooper Union’s Great Hall in April 2014. For more information on how the POOP Project’s unique programming might work with your organization, please see What We Doo.


Beneficiary, PACT Youth Charity Inaugural Fundraiser
Artist in Residence, Teva Seminar

Judge, “Oh the Places We Go…Public Health’s Humble Hero: 2014 Toilet Calendar” photo contest for DefeatDD, alongside Sara Cerrell (The Global Change Network), Stephanie Droxer (The Gates Foundation) and Tony Frye (Tony Frye Design)

DefeatDD – Honorarium to support production of An Inconvenient Poop at Edinburgh Festival
Eurohypo AG Engagement for the Community Award – Presented to small non-profit organizations that have a large impact on their community, recognizing excellence and exemplifying Eurohypo’s Passion for Solutions.


Panelist, “Cross-Sector Approaches: Science, Art, Education & Activism,” alongside Wendy Brawer (Green Maps), Toby Cumberbatch (Cooper Union Professor) and facilitator David Bregman (Parsons). Part of “Neighborhood Sustainability: One Block at a Time” presented by Fourth Arts Block and Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design

Moderated and co-curated with the Vistor Center at Newtown Creek (site of NYC’s largest wastewater treatment plant): Dissecting the Greenpoint Art Community” with Juliana Cope (The International Studio & Curatorial Program), Layman Lee (GrowNYC) and Katie Denny (North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition)
“Digesting the Design Behind Newtown Creek” with Vito Acconci (Brooklyn College), Greg Clawson (Ennead Architects) and George Trakas (artist and Nature Walk designer)

Talkbacks following “Uranus: A Play About Waste” by Superhero Clubhouse, The Bushwick Starr (Brooklyn, NY) and SITI Company Studios (NYC)
Moderated and co-curated with the Vistor Center at Newtown Creek (site of NYC’s largest wastewater treatment plant):
“Composting” with Daniel Tainow (Lower East Side Ecology Center), Jennifer Blackwell (The NYC Compost Project) and David Hurd (Office of Recycling Outreach & Education)
“Technology for Green Communities” with Michael Heimbinder (HabitatMap), Shai Lauros (GreenHomeNYC) and Gennaro Brooks-Church (Eco Brooklyn)
“Urban Farming” with Inger Staggs Yancey (Brooklyn Greenroof), Annie Novak (Eagle Street Rooftop Farms) and Dr. Dickson Despommier (The Vertical Farms)
“A Sustainable Future: Green Innovation” with Andrew Faust (Center for Bioregional Living), Paul S. Mankiewicz, Ph.D. (The Gaia Institute) and Kaled Alamarie (NYC Department of Environmental Protection)
“Newtown Creek: Past, Present and Future” with Mitch Waxman (The Newtown Pentacle) and Kate Zidar (The SWIM Coalition)
“Art and Sustainability” with multidisciplinary artist Mary Mattingly (The Waterpod) and landscape sculptor George Trakas
“Water for Cities: The Urban Challenge” with Frederik Pischke (UN-Water), Vyjayanthi Rao (The New School for Social Research) and Jennifer Farmwald (NYC Department of Environmental Protection)


“Why We Fear Poop” for The Power of Poop

“Pretzels and the People: A Story from Our Afterschool Program,” 14th & 1st: Thoughts and Happenings from the 14th Street Y
“Snacking Our Way to Sustainability,” Sh’ma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas (2012-2013 blogger)
“A Prophet In Passing,” Sh’ma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas (2012-2013 blogger)
“Passionate About Poop” for The Power of Poo

“Huggies for Hanukkah” in Alef: The NEXT Conversation
“Promoting Cultural Healing with Toilet Talk” for DefeatDD
“Everyone Poops, And No One’s Talking About It” for Toilet Twinning
Original writings have been published on The People’s Own Organic Power Project blog since June 2010, www.thePOOPproject.org.



How the Potty Trained Us – 2014 Urine Brigade Kick Off, Rich Earth Institute (Brattleboro, VT)
EcoJudaism from the Bottom Up – Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute
The Puru Review – Teva Seminar

Selections from An Inconvenient Poop – The United Nations, Inaugural World Toilet Day

An Inconvenient Poop (work-in-progress) – The Culture Project, NYC. Presented as part of “Call of Doodie,” a World Toilet Day fundraiser with Toilet Hackers and Giving Water
Bringing Up the Rear: How the Toilet Trained Us – Galapagos Art Space, NYC. Presented as part of Nerd Nite.
Eat $h*t: How Our Waste Can Save the World (work-in-progress) – 59E59 in NYC and C Nova at Edinburgh International Fringe Festival, UK
Reinventing the Toilet Culture – News Smash at C Nova, Edinburgh International Fringe Festival, UK
Ya Got Trouble – Parkside Lounge, NYC

Eat $h*t: How Our Waste Can Save the World (work-in-progress) – Dixon Place, NYC
The Agony and the Excrement: A Performance Lecture – The VENT Performance Festival at Gowanus Studio Space, Brooklyn NY
Eat $h*t (excerpt) – Club Make and Do at The SOHO Gallery for Digital Art, NYC
You’ve Got a Mommy – “Mother, May I?” at The Delancey, NYC
The Agony and the Excrement: A Performance Lecture – Adult Education presents “Social Anxiety” at Union Hall, Brooklyn NY
I’m a Plumber – JFREJ and Great Small Works Purimshpiel, St. Cecilia’s, Brooklyn NY

Eat $h*t (excerpt) – The Mercury Café, Denver CO
World Toilet Day New York (producer, curator and performer) – Home Sweet Home
The Scoop on Poop – Big Gay Cabaret at the LGBT Center of New York, NYC;  Manhattan Artist’s Salon, NYC; Vox Pop, Brooklyn NY


Latch / Attach – clothing donation and communal upcycled rug making in collaboration with Wearable Collections and GrowNYC’s Stop N Swap. Presented at FAB! Fest, Load OUT!, The 14th Street Y Afterschool and National Day of Unplugging Celebration, PS 15 Fabric Arts Club, Two Bridges Young Women’s Group and Afterschool. Produced by FABnyc as part of their SUSTAIN project, with generous support from the Rockefeller Foundation Cultural Innovation Fund: www.fabnyc.org/sustainability.php
Latch / Attach – communal upcycled rug displayed and co-created as part of “The Model Block: An Exhibit” at The Great Hall Gallery in Cooper Union (NYC). A SUSTAIN project exhibit which is co-curated and produced by FABnyc & Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design

Latch / Attach – site-specific clothing donation and communal upcycled rug making in collaboration with Wearable Collection. Presented by The World Policy Institute as part of “The 12×12 Project,” co-curated by FABnyc and hosted by First Green

Comfort Station – interactive toilet display and comfort station presented with “Viewers Like You,” a BF Bifocals show at Judson Church (NYC)

A Process of Elimination – Interactive installation through Chashama, NYC


Body-Positive Potty Training – Atlantic Avenue Early Learning Center
Below the Bible Belt: Torah and the Toilet – Shavuot Across Brooklyn
Creating Mindful Waste Solutions – The Heschel School (High School Staff, NYC)
The Asher Yatzar and Mindful Waste Practices – Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute
Sustainability from the Bottom Up – Teva Seminar

Poop – Lab/Shul study session alongside Amichai Lau-Lavie