Full Film online Nov. 15-21

in honor of World Toilet Day

Daniel Gerling is a historian who has studied the social and cultural history of excrement from 1860 to 1920. In this short video, Daniel takes us down to the docks in New York City to illustrate how much has changed over the last 150 in how we deal with our excrement.

Shawn Shafner is the founder of The POOP Project, which uses art and education to heal the cultural shame that makes potty talk taboo. In this short video, Shawn talks about how our shame is disconnecting us from our bodies and harming our environment, and what we can do to change things. 

Child psychologist Tom DuHamel works with kids who are struggling with constipation - that's roughly 1 out of every 15 kids in the US. He is also the author of The In and Outs of Poop (http://www.theinsandoutsofpoop.com).

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