This Friday: the future of New York City's Feces

CALLING ALL NEW YORKERS! Brown is soon to become the new green.  Only yesterday, the New York Times ran an article on how New York City will soon be turning its citizens' waste into a resource.  As it turns out, the city is already making use of the energy sources that can be recaptured through wastewater treatment.  But the city's hoping that by next year, your home could be run off your own natural gas.  As the article details:

About half of the methane produced by the city’s plants is already used to meet about 20 percent of the energy demands of the city’s 14 sewage plants, whose electric bills run to a total of about $50 million a year. Now the city wants to market the other half, which is burned off and wasted.

Through a partnership with National Grid that is already in the works, officials said, the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brooklyn is expected to add enough methane gas to the city’s natural gas network next year to heat 2,500 homes.

And that's not the only way they're looking towards the future.  This Friday, you can join NYC Environmental Protection Commissioner Caswell F. Holloway for a time capsule ceremony!  (Click here for a pdf of the invitation.)

There will be remarks from the Commissioner, a special presentation from a local school, AND a tour of the Newtown Creek facility starting at 11:30.  I will definitely be there.  Will you join me?

Peaceful pooping,

Shawn "The Puru" Shafner