Eat $h*t

Dearest poopers, There's a lot to be excited about around The POOP Project right now.  An article I wrote about the swaddled American experience, "Huggies for Hanukkah," just came out in Alef: The NEXT Conversation. This Monday night from 10-11 EST, I'll be giving an interview to Danny Valdes on Radio Provacateur. And this Wednesday at 7:30pm, my new one man show, Eat $h*t: How Our Waste Can Save the World will premiere as a work-in-progress in the lounge at Dixon Place.  It's FREE!

Imagine a world that utilizes our most natural bodily function instead of flushing doo into our drinking water. This renewable resource can fertilize fields, build homes and power cities, while we confront an international sanitation crisis that kills a child every 20 seconds. But to do this, we’re gonna have to own our $h*t.

Journey from kitchen to commode for an uncensored look at the imbalanced bowels of an American society consuming itself.

Eat $h*t: How Our Waste Can Save the World Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie Street 7:30-9:00pm FREE! Light refreshments will be served.

Created and Performed by Shawn Shafner Developed with the help of director Simon Hanukai, dramaturg David Carter and chef Amanda Melpolder.

A Poo-pular Time

Dearest Poopers, The next few weeks bring you a few chances to get a load of The POOP Project.


1. Sat, Sept. 10 from 1-6pm: Come play "Toss the Turd" at the 9th Annual West Side County Fair!

2. Thurs, Sept. 15 from 7:30-10pm: The POOP Project is in a group show with Club Make and Do!

3. Help send us to The NEW New York Block Party, Sat, Oct. 1st!

4. SAVE THE DATE! Wed, Oct. 19 at 7:30 pm for the premiere of my new one-man show, Eat $h*t: How Our Waste Can Save the World at Dixon Place!



Enjoy a little country in Manhattan with live performances, carnival rides, a petting zoo and more at Summer on the Hudson’s 9th Annual West Side County Fair, a park-wide event on Saturday, September 10, from 1-6pm. Stop by The POOP Project's table to try your hand at Toss the Turd. If you can get three faux-ces into the composting toilet, you can win our prize: A PRUNE! Click the link above for more info and full band lineup.

Riverside Park South is located on the Hudson River between 59th and 72nd Streets with entrances at 59th, 68th, 72nd Streets



An evening of video art, music, performance and wine brought to you by Club Make and Do* members Danielle Abrams, Jane Cramer, Zhenesse Heinemann, Glenn Marla, Robert Pearre, Shawn Shafner and Franny Silverman.

Thurs, Sept. 15, 7:30-10:00. The Soho Gallery for Digital Art, 138 Sullivan Street in NYC. $5-10 sliding scale, refreshments will be served. See it on Facebook.

*c(mad) is a dynamic collective of artists working in different mediums who commune weekly to share, dialogue and support each other's practice.




As of this moment, GreenHomeNYC has already raised $910 to bring five amazing, eco-conscious organizations including The POOP Project to The NEW New York block party, Oct. 1. That means we only need to raise $192 more! And I bet you've got a few nickels clinking around somewhere... Donate to the ioby campaign today, enjoy a lifetime of good karma. It's just that easy!




SAVE THE DATE! Wed, Oct. 19 at 7:30 pm for the premiere of my new one-man show, Eat $h*t: How Our Waste Can Save the World at Dixon Place! We will be talking about poop, baking cupcakes, and washing away the dirty stains of shame. Stay tuned for more details soon!

Looking forward to seeing you soon, and wishing you peaceful pooping until then.

Shawn "The Puru" Shafner