Check out The Puru's Guest Blog for TOILET TWINNING

Ever thought of twinning your toilet? Well, for £60, you can twin your toilet at home, work or school with a latrine in the remote Giharo Commune of Rutana Province, Burundi at Toilet Twinning.

Toilet Twinning was created by international charities Cord and Tearfund to provide complete water, sanitation and hygiene education.  I love the way they use technology to connect people to their purchase:

When you twin your toilet, your loo is linked with a latrine Africa. You'll receive a framed certificate of your toilet's twin, containing a photo, the latrine's location and its GPS coordinates so you can look it up on Google Maps.

The Puru is honored and humbled to have recorded a guest podcast for the Toilet Twinning blog.  To hear these 3 minutes of craptastistic-ness yourself, CLICK HERE!

Peaceful pooping,

Shawn "The Puru" Shafner