Getting the flow going...

In a sanitized culture that systematically renders the sights, sounds, and smells of poop invisible, the Poo Guru pries open the lid to enlightenment by proudly proclaiming: I’M A POOPER! It feels good to let it out.

Now the Poo Guru—Puru for short—invites you to get the urge, and join The Poop Project: A Cultural Movement.  Together, we’re flushing away the shameful stains that keep poop talk locked in the water closet,  so we can look inside the porcelain bowl and ask some interesting questions:

-Is pooping into our fresh water supply the best way to manage our poop?

-Why do so many of us feel guilty about going to the potty?

-Is toilet paper really the best way to clean ourselves?

-Why are 42% of the world’s population (2.6 billion people) currently living without toilets, so that poop winds up in their water, food and homes?

-Why do we treat our poop as “waste” when we could be fertilizing our fields, building our houses, and generating our energy--all from something that comes out of our behinds?!?!

The Poop Project doesn’t have the answers, but it’s making quite a stink.  So grab a bran muffin and head on down the hall to commune with the Puru lying deep inside of you.

--Shawn “the Puru” Shafner