Bob is Coming...

Happy Friday everyone! First off, a big thank you to our friends over at Superhero Clubhouse, and congratulations on last night's work-in-progress reading of URANUS (a play about waste).  Be sure to check out the full production this June 10-12 at the Figment Festival on Governor's Island.

But what are you going to do until then?  Why not spend some time with Bob?

So, wait...what?

It turns out, Bob is part of an end-of-year project by students of Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) and School of the Arts (SoA). Starting tomorrow, May 14, the pubic is welcome to check out a whole pavilion's worth of interesting projects.  But the real star, I'm sure, will be Bob.

Bob's press release states:

The pavilion will be open from May 14th until July 25th, and features a centralized public restroom with a composting toilet, a projection wall, twelve student-designed double seats and a bar flanked by an inflatable canopy. The inclusion of a composting restroom facility is integral to the concept of the installation, and emerged from the studio mantra concept that “a society that does not provide public restrooms does not deserve public art.” The single-occupancy bathroom intentionally forces a correlation between public space and a societal responsibility to provide and ensure basic necessities. The canopy will serve as temporary rain cover and shading throughout the summer months. The projection wall, a shared wall between the bathroom and open public space, will regularly feature evening film series.

There's an opening party tomorrow from 5-7pm, and you know the Puru will be in attendance.  I hope you'll join me!

Wishing you peaceful (and possibly public) pooping.

Shawn "The Puru" Shafner

Uranus in Process

Thank you so much to all those who came out for the warner|shaw benefit Sunday night, Mother, May I? on Sunday!  And if you missed it all, don't fret.  No, seriously don't.  You can bring your mother to warner|shaw's production of Six Seeds: The Persephone Project this June at The Tank AND you can catch up with The POOP Project on the ol' internet!  (Check out my lecture from last Tuesday's Adult Education below!)

Sunday's benefit capped off a busy week for The POOP Project, and even Purus get pooped of poo.  But you know when sometimes you go, then you do up your belt, clean yourself off (hopefully, not in that order), and head back to the ol' computeroonie only to hear nature calling once more from South of the Border?  This might be one of those times.

Ring, Ring.

The POOP Project is proud to take part this coming Thursday in a work-in-progress showing of Superhero Clubhouse's:

URANUS (a play about waste)
May 12th, 8pm*
@ SITI studio, 520 8th Ave., Suite 310
*Reservations required.  Please RSVP to Maria, or (212) 545-4111 or.  This is a private event, and seating is very limited. Light refreshments provided.

This event will feature the first half of the play fully staged, a design presentation, a waste-related ecology chat with Dan Tainow of the Lower East Side Ecology Center and Shawn Shafner of the POOP Project, along with a research-filled lobby display including a waste-themed information and a video from the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts.

URANUS (a play about waste) written/directed by Jeremy Pickard performed by Jon Erdman, Maria Portman Kelly, Matt Luceno, Katey Parker, Thom Pasculli, Teale Sperling, & Anne Zager designed by Sarah Bertolozzi, Jason Bucklin, Owen Walz, Solomon Weisbard, Emily Caufield stage managed by Mark Hoffner produced by the SHC Special Task Force: Brian Belcinski, Tommy Dickie, Ava Eisenson, Jon Erdman, Danny Gardner, Sarah Hughes, Corey Johnson, Maria Portman Kelly, Jeremy Pickard, and Teale Sperling


William Herschel is furiously building (and destroying) telescopes so that he might get closer to his beloved new discovery. Two young backpackers are mysteriously transported to a planet made entirely of Earth's garbage.  A derelict called Gaea searches among piles of her treasured trash for a waste rock that has the power to restart the world. Told with physical poetry and moronic humor, URANUS is a hodgepodge of history, myth and make-believe.
URANUS is the first in our series of ecology-inspired Planet Plays.  It had a first-draft production in 2008 with Upright Egg Theater Company (MN) and was a semi-finalist for the 2009 O'Neill National Playwrights Conference.  Other plays in the series include NEPTUNE (a play about water), MERCURY (a play about poison), VENUS (a play about energy), SATURN (a play about food), MARS (a play about mining), JUPITER (a play about power) and PLUTO (a half-play about half-life). Read more about the Planet Plays at

About Superhero Clubhouse:

Superhero Clubhouse is a society of theater artists engaged in making original plays and events about the natural world via a green and collaborative process. Our experiments involve cultivating an intrinsic relationship between the ideals of ecology and the processes and content of theater. Through our work, we hope to form lasting collaborations with scientists, activists and artists from diverse mediums in order to further develop and define the future of a green and unique theatrical event.

You might have seen us on Earth Day weekend performing kid-written eco-plays at The Bushwick Starr in their inaugural Big Green Theater Festival, or witnessed our renegade disaster-inspired "flash performances" at the 2010 Lenfest Center Open House.

Your Anus is Not Uranus

Today, I'd like to get personal. Like an all up in your space kind of personal. Like so personal, in fact, it's in your pants.

Your anus is not Uranus.

First of all, Uranus is the seventh planet from our sun and your anus is that opening at the end of your digestive tract, opposite from your mouth.  Secondly, Uranus belongs to no one, whereas your anus belongs to you and whomever you might temporarily and consensually entrust it to.  Though we could go on, suffice it to say that they don't even have to be pronounced the same, as Uranus can be said two ways.  They're not the

Are you loving your anus, or treating it like Uranus?

I recently came across this hilarious video by Superhero Clubhouse.  They are "a society of theater artists engaged in making original plays and events about the natural world via a green and collaborative process."  Cool, right?  (And they're having a benefit party tonight if you can make it!) The video is a promo for their upcoming production URANUS (a play about waste), and highly instructive in detailing anal abuse.

OUCH!  If you're working that hard to move those bowels--especially on a regular basis--it might be time to reassess your anal relationship.  Let's face it, you both deserve better.

Unlike Uranus, your anus is attached to you.  And it might actually be quite talkative if it weren't always being sat on or pushed around.  So take a moment to listen in.  Is your anus clenched and tense?  Reeling from a spicy snack?  Feeling...drafty?   Anuses get overworked easily, but you can help them to be happy by making sure your poo is healthy.  Unlike that constipated feeling of opening a jar of old pickles, when your anus is relaxed, that healthy poo will slide right out.

Try cheering up your anus by adding more fiber to your diet.  Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are loaded with roughage that doesn't quite digest, instead joining forces to create a solid poo as it slides through your digestive tract.  The other half of that glue, however, is water, which gets reabsorbed from the poo by your intestines and colon in its exodus.  So as long as you're commemorating the upcoming World Water Day, make a toast to healthy, hydrated poo!  Feel free to eat a carrot-raisin bran muffin while you do.

So here's to eco-theater, end-conscious eating, Uranus and your expressive anus.  From me to you, peaceful pooping.

Shawn "The Puru" Shafner