POOPing on City of Water Day TOMORROW

Dearest Poopers, I do so hope to see you tomorrow, Saturday 7/16, for the City of Water Day Festival on Governor's Island. It's a free all-day affair (10am-4pm) celebrating the potential of our NYC/NJ waterfront and full of entertainment, education & adventure--including a POOP table manned by The Puru himself.

But first, a pew pictures from BOB the Pavilion that I snagged on Wednesday night, before/after PERFORMANCY FORUM XIV. If you didn't know, BOB is a composting toilet and inflated platform for performance and more located on the Columbia campus and supported by a grant from Columbia University School of the Arts (SOA) and Graduate School of Architecture, Preservation, and Planning (GSAPP).

2011-07-13 19.08.47.jpg2011-07-13 22.03.51.jpg

A night and day shot of the toilet, as taken from my rather pixelated camera phone. The two tube-ish things you see above it contain the air that actually inflates the platform. According to a source I spoke with at the event, the idea is to reference the gases that come from the toilet itself and its users as being the material that inflates the overhanging white cloud.

Unfortunately, the toilet--while being a functioning composting toilet--is not to be used, as indicated by the plastic sheet covering its opening. Hence the reflection of the camera flash in the picture on the right below.

2011-07-13 22.04.01.jpg

2011-07-13 22.02.37.jpg

2011-07-13 19.10.26.jpg



Though the toilet is unusable, there is something very exciting about approaching this toilet that is exposed on two sides and thinking about using it. To do so in reality will have to be a part of the next project.

For now, perhaps the most effective part is the stage itself, flanked by a Greco-style well type structure, as seen in the picture below with the beautiful and amazingly talented Gelsey Bell in the corner.



And now, or something completely different...

July 16: City of Water Day Festival in NY & NJ From the upper Hudson to Raritan Bay, we are a City of Water. Spread the word and come to the waterfront on July 16, City of Water Day! On this day, the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance gathers many partners to showcase the potential of the New York/New Jersey Harbor. Come, enjoy, and help us revitalize the waterfront with this annual, one-of-a-kind festival for the entire family!

This year, festivities will take place at Governors Island and Liberty State Park. Free ferries will get you to Governors Island from Manhattan and Brooklyn (click here for the schedules) and to Liberty State Park. (Click here for the schedule of free transportation between Governors Island and Liberty State Park, and here for information about other ways to get to Liberty State Park.)


  • FREE boat tours for thousands on historic and educational vessels. Click here for more information
  • FREE kayaking, rowing and fishing opportunities
  • Dozens of FREE arts, crafts, games and activities for kids
  • FREE ferries between Governors Island & Liberty State Park
  • An amazing range of demonstrations, hands-on projects, free merchandise and water-related literature at the Waterfront Activity Fair--INCLUDING THE POOP PROJECT TABLE!
  • Car-free waterfront bicycling
  • Delicious food from award-winning vendors
  • Live music, and much more!!!

If you can't make it to Liberty State Park or Governors Island on July 16, enjoy City of Water Day festivities at other waterfronts around the metropolitan region, including Harlem River Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Staten Island, Bronx River Park, Battery Park City and Hudson River Park. Click here for information about City of Water Day in Your Neighborhood.

Hope to see you there and, as always, peaceful pooping.

Shawn "The Puru" Shafner

Bob is Coming...

Happy Friday everyone! First off, a big thank you to our friends over at Superhero Clubhouse, and congratulations on last night's work-in-progress reading of URANUS (a play about waste).  Be sure to check out the full production this June 10-12 at the Figment Festival on Governor's Island.

But what are you going to do until then?  Why not spend some time with Bob?

So, wait...what?

It turns out, Bob is part of an end-of-year project by students of Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) and School of the Arts (SoA). Starting tomorrow, May 14, the pubic is welcome to check out a whole pavilion's worth of interesting projects.  But the real star, I'm sure, will be Bob.

Bob's press release states:

The pavilion will be open from May 14th until July 25th, and features a centralized public restroom with a composting toilet, a projection wall, twelve student-designed double seats and a bar flanked by an inflatable canopy. The inclusion of a composting restroom facility is integral to the concept of the installation, and emerged from the studio mantra concept that “a society that does not provide public restrooms does not deserve public art.” The single-occupancy bathroom intentionally forces a correlation between public space and a societal responsibility to provide and ensure basic necessities. The canopy will serve as temporary rain cover and shading throughout the summer months. The projection wall, a shared wall between the bathroom and open public space, will regularly feature evening film series.

There's an opening party tomorrow from 5-7pm, and you know the Puru will be in attendance.  I hope you'll join me!

Wishing you peaceful (and possibly public) pooping.

Shawn "The Puru" Shafner