Post-Sandy Emergency Toilets

Dearest Poopers, I know that for many of us on the East Coast, this has been a frightening and trying time. With all the talk about safe water, food and electricity, I am surprised by the lack of information about safe toileting.  Luckily, the friendly people at Portland PHLUSH are way ahead of us on this one and have even adapted their emergency toilet brochure for those reeling from Sandy's aftermath.

You can view it as a JPG by clicking the images below.

For an easy-to read PDF teaching you how to make a twin-bucket emergency toilet, CLICK HERE.

While The Puru is stuck in Brooklyn, there are many of you in lower Manhattan and elsewhere who could help distribute this information. For a printable PDF that folds into a handy brochure, CLICK HERE.

For more information about emergency toilets, take a look at the resources put together by PHLUSH and the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management by CLICKING HERE.

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm. Peaceful pooping, be it in toilet or bucket.

Shawn "The Puru" Shafner