No President ever pooped in a time capsule

This past Friday, Feb. 11, your Puru, Shawn Shafner, took many different trains to arrive at the Visitor Center at Newtown Creek in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He, well,, I was there to witness the unveiling of a time capsule interred that morning at the center.  I brought my new camera, with the intention of making a video-blog (or "vlog" as I hear the kids call them).  I had so much material, I made three. Presidents are great, and in their honor, we'll (yes, we just switched pronouns again) post one part of the video each day of their special holiday weekend.  Today, we bring you Somewhere in Time: Part II, which condenses the highlights of all five speakers in under five minutes.

Peaceful pooping to all our Presidents, and all of us.

Shawn "The Puru" Shafner