Latch/Attach at the FAB! Festival Today

Dearest Poopers, It's hard to believe it's been almost a month since my time in the World Policy Institute's 12x12 Project ended. It was a truly incredible experience. Over 150 visitors from all over New York and the world stopped by the 12x12 to take part in my project, "Latch/Attach." Over 220 pounds of clothing were dropped off to be repurposed into rug yarn, or recycled and reused through our partner Wearable Collections. Over 50 of those people stayed to chat about the state of our consumption, and to collaborate on the creation of a beautiful rug--which will be continued at the FAB! Festival TODAY (see below). Please read my final reflection for more details on the project's context, execution and outcome, as well as a handful of the human stories that emerged. Or browse through The POOP Project's Flickr page to relive the whole process in pictures.

Better yet, why not stop by the FAB! Festival and add your own square?

FAB! Festival September 28, 2013, 1PM-5PM E. 4th Street between Bowery & 2nd Ave


The 10th annual FAB! Festival promises fun for all ages. This arts explosion features FREE performances, exhibits, and activities. Enjoy dance, theater, and music from artists across the Lower East Side (and beyond!). Learn about local greening efforts and experience more culture per square foot than any other NYC festival!

Drop by The POOP Project booth and join me for "Latch/Attach." We'll be continuing the rug, latching yarn made from old t-shirts onto a canvas framework, and connecting to one another in the process. I'll also be showing people how to make their own yarn out of old t-shirts--good for any craft that requires yarn! I learned how from this article on Craft Passion, but present my own brief tutorial here and now for your ease and edification.

How To Make T-Shirt Yarn







Hope to see you at the FAB! Festival, and happy crafting.

Yours in balance,

Shawn "The Puru" Shafner