Happy World Plumbing Day!

This morning when you woke up, did you take a shower?  If so, thank a plumber!  Is the water coming out of your sink free from rust? If so, thank a plumber! If your toilet flushes, your pipes aren't leaking, and the sprinklers are still sprinkling, you can thank a plumber! Go ahead, find your favorite plumber, give 'em a kiss and wish them a Happy World Plumbing Day 2011!

Though we rely on indoor plumbing everyday, most of us seldom give it a second thought. The sophisticated system of watersheds, pipes, sewers and wastewater treatment plants that bring water to and from our homes are mostly out of sight, and so, too, out of mind. World Plumbing Day is about reminding us just how important the often maligned plumber truly is.

Still don't believe me? Check out this sculpture by David Smythe from DS Plumbing. It's a human composed entirely of pipes and pumps that shows us just what happens when broken plumbing leads to dirty drinking water.


A happy and healthy World Plumbing Day to all, and peaceful pooping,

Shawn "The Puru" Shafner